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Sobriety: It's Harder than Quitting

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Giving up alcohol and substances isn't as easy as it sounds. Quitting a job, quitting a class, or a sport you hate is easy. Yet quitting alcohol or drugs will be one of the toughest things you'll ever do. It is a continuous fight in an uphill battle.

To be sober is to accept.

Accepting the fact that you’ve had a problem with substances before. Accepting the fact that you can longer hide behind substances. Accepting that the life you lived before may not be the life you'll live tomorrow.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the most common “give ups” that occur when a person chooses to become sober, and with that, get their life on track.


Self-discipline plays a huge role in being sober. Having the will to either put yourself at a distance or totally letting go of the people who may have contributed or influenced your attitude before.

As hard as it is, we sometimes need to remove ourselves from our closest friends and families who may still use alcohol or drugs. Being your sober-self is the most important thing right now and those who you thought as “caring friends or families” may be your worst nightmare and just drag you down.

Being able to distance yourself or let go of people who are negative influences is imperative to your continued sobriety. At may be hard in the beginning but in the long run you must always prioritize yourself.


Undoubtedly, friends and families are not the only parts of your life that needs to be given up to continue your journey on being sober.

Previous stomping grounds such as clubs, restaurants and bars are very hard to go to while refraining to get a drink.

You should always be aware that old stomping grounds, just like old friends, can act as a trigger. Be smart about the places you visit and return to.


Being sober doesn’t mean your safe despite conquering your old ways. Yes, you have surpassed that uphill battle and every day you pull further and further away from that addiction.

However, at any moment, an addiction may come back or something might cause you to relapse. That’s why to continue on being sober, it is imperative to make sure to distance yourself from all things that could tempt you again

It may look like an insurmountable task but it is not. You must surround yourself with like minded individuals or groups who are willing to support you at all times especially when you feel tempted most.

It is a huge sacrifice to bid farewell to friends, family and old stomping grounds that connect you to your old user self. However, having a solid and structured rehab facility plus groups or individuals that you can reach out to, ask advice from, can definitely lighten the loss that you will feel.

If you think that being sober is the most important aspect of your life right now, then these sacrifices will definitely seem weightless and the burden will just float away.

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