Recovery Blvd Treatment Center

Local: 503-897-1916

Toll Free: 1-866-727-6339

1316 SE 12th Avenue 

Portland, OR 97214

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Recovery Blvd Treatment Center in Portland, OR

Recovery Blvd.  is not your average drug rehab facility. We are not like all the others and neither are our clients! We take recovery to the next level because that's what we are here to inspire them to do with their own lives. Our eclectic, unique and comfortable facility mirrors that- don't settle.


 Don't limit yourself. Be creative. Be inspired. Think big, dream big, and be your best self always!

This is the vibe you will encounter from our staff and our clients. If you want unique, client centered, real recovery, we are your treatment center.


Our Clients created our phrases Blackout Sober, Recovery on Fire - get lit, Recovery Revolution, Hope Dealer and these Recovery Blvd motto's are now seen now at meetings, rallies, dances, recovery centers, conferences and on the apparel we have made. Recovery Blvd will help you discover joy for life and the person you truly are.


Recovery Blvd hosts, participates and sponsors many large recovery events. By attending and engaging our Clients in recovery activities we know that our clients begin to see, it's hip to be sober! 

We are Portland, OR premiere facility servicing the Portland, Hillsboro, and Gresham, OR  areas.


You'll never make another decision in your life as important as the one that ends your active addiction.  It is ok to be uncertain just take the first step by calling.


It is easy to feel the care and attention that has gone into creating a unique and inspiring space from the minute one walks in the door. From our treatment center to the clients our vibe is that sobriety can be a fun way to live, instilling a spirit of inclusion and acceptance for each person brave enough to start this journey.


We promote a  joyful lifestyle of abstinence from mind altering substances by replacing negative belief systems or behaviors  with newly discovered self esteem, balance, mental health care, goals and focus, creativity, self expression, playfulness, community, being of service to others, mindfulness, excercise and overall well being.

Age 20

I came to BLVD broken, traumatized, and sick. The staff and counselors helped me learn that when I stopped using I was still sick. It took me a while but I came around and graduated 8 months later, with a new family that have helped me through some of the most trying times of my life. When I first came here from Salem I was looking for a treatment center with other young people getting clean too, and I found that here! Now I live with some of the greatest guys I’ve ever met who I go to for so many issues small and big. Without the help I have received here and the connection they have helped me make I would not be the man I have learned to be today. Thank you for the countless hours that they have put in to keep me in a SAFE and SOBER.

Age 27

I'm so grateful for the time that I got to spend in Portland. The inpatient program I went to used a lot of my outpatient coverage to keep me in rehab for over 3 months and  Recovery Blvd was willing to work with me to come to more groups than I was qualified for, and I enjoyed going. I know I will always have a family with Blvd in Portland and they helped me achieve 9 months of sobriety before I graduated. I met lifelong friends in this program and had one of the best roommates of my treatment experience in their beautiful sober living house. Thank you Autumn!!!

We Accept Most Forms of Insurance

Learn about Justina's story to recovery 

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