Recovery Blvd will help you overcome substance abuse, discover joy for life and love the person you truly are.

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Recovery Blvd Treatment Center is not your average drug and alcohol treatment center. We provide a fresh approach that is tailored to young adult addiction treatment.  Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our facility is in the heart of Portland, OR and embraces the fun, unique weirdness that makes the city of Portland great. We aren’t like all the other treatment centers and neither are our clients, our young adults have sustained years of continuous sobriety due to our innovative approach to treating young adults. 

Homey Vibes at Recovery BLVD

It is easy to feel the care and attention that went into creating a unique and inspiring space. From our treatment center and programs to our clients; our vibe is that sobriety can be a fun way to live. We instill a spirit of inclusion and acceptance for each person brave enough to start this journey.

outdoor activities as part of drug recovery in Portland

Recovery Blvd Treatment Center hosts, participates and sponsors many large events across the addiction treatment community. We provide our clients with the opportunity to have fun without the use of alcohol or substances.  Our facilities incorporate fun activities such as a pool table, ping pong, arcade games and more. We also host outings around the Pacific Northwest.

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You'll never make another decision in your life as important as the one that ends your active addiction. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or other substances we are here for you.  It is okay to be uncertain, just take the first step by calling.

A safe space for sharing thoughts and struggles in Portland

We promote a joyful lifestyle of abstinence from mind altering substances by replacing negative belief systems or behaviors with a newly discovered self-esteem, balance, mental health care, goals, focus, creativity, self-expression, playfulness, community, being of service to others, mindfulness,

Redefine what it means to be in recovery at Recovery Blvd!

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Who we can help

Recovery Blvd provides treatment, care, and support for young adults and professionals seeking help to overcome substance abuse.  We provide a wide variety of resources for both individuals and families. 


We also work with a wide variety of treatment centers across the Pacific Northwest. If you are looking for Portland rehab services outside our offering, we can help find the right treatment programs for you or your loved one. 

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specialized program tracks

Young Adult Track

This interactive track is for the client with a zest for adventure. This track incorporates the enthusiastic energy of the young adult with evidence based recovery theories.  

Professional's Track

Designed for the working professional. Made specifically for those balancing a career. Our groups are conducted on relevant topics for the professional client.  


Our LGBTQ affirmative track​. Our trained counselors conduct one-on-one sessions specifically designed with people who identify as LGBTQ. 



Age 45

Recovery Blvd helped my son come back to life. At the age of 19 he had burned every bridge and  I wondered every night when the call would come that he had died of overdose or by someone else's hand in a drug house. We 100% believe that if he had gone anywhere else and if we had not had the guidance of Autumn, Dalton and Anthony we would of supported or enabled him right back into drugs and alcohol. The first 30 days was really hard and Chase called us once saying he needed to come home, he did not like it, threats to run or find another center. After consulting with his Counselor and Director, Dalton,  and finding out that he was being asked to acknowledge, be willing to learn and correct his own behaviors, we just said no.  At our 30 day family session my son thanked me and his Dad for saying no. He said that if we had helped him leave or run he would gone to get  high again. My son read an apology letter to us and said that Blvd was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time. Our son had lost himself in addiction and also any motivation for a future. When he graduated from Blvd he was ready to start college and had a part-time job. He went on to manage a sober living home for 2 years and then moved into a Portland State University dorm apartment and started a 12 step meeting on campus. He still visits Recovery Blvd regularly and says they are family and they saved his life. 

What can you say about the people and organization that took your calls at 9 or 10 pm frantic for help? The place that took the time and explained enabling and how addicts minds work over and over to us? What can I say about the men and women who are so wholly dedicated to saving our young people's lives?Truly, there is no words big enough or profound enough to explain how much we appreciate the staff and owners of Blvd. They are very good with young people and have figured out the secret to young people and sobriety. I cannot say enough about the skills my son learned and the personality change that occurred during his time with them. They took in my addicted, broken, sick, angry, mean boy and he came out a strong, SOBER, insightful, grateful, kind, helpful MAN!! He will now have 4 years this December 2020.


Learn about Justina's story to recovery 

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Redefine what it means to be in recovery

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