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Recovery Blvd Treatment Center is not your average drug and alcohol treatment center. We provide a fresh approach that is tailored to young adult addiction treatment.  Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our facility is in the heart of Portland, OR and embraces the fun, unique weirdness that makes the city of Portland great. We aren’t like all the other treatment centers and neither are our clients, our young adults have sustained years of continuous sobriety due to our innovative approach to treating young adults.

We want our clients to take their lives to the next level and we take our addiction treatment programs to the next level; young adults can not settle for just an ok life. Our eclectic, unique and comfortable facility mirrors that – don't settle attitude. Our therapies are targeted for young people, their needs, adventure and their future.  This is the vibe you will encounter from our housing to our staff and our clients. Young adults cannot feel that the rest of their sober life is going to be boring and lack self expression, adventure and fun. We know this and we embrace the belief that recovery is only as boring as you let it be. We break the typical 12 step model mold, the "it is our way or the highway" authoritative typical programs repels young people who want freedom, self expression and exploration. Instead we embrace their youth, energy and make it cool to be sober.

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Our mission is to empower, encourage and liberate young adults from the struggle of addiction and instill in them a sobering happiness that lasts throughout their lifetime.


Our handpicked team of treatment professionals was chosen based on a number of highly specific criteria that proved them to match our purpose-driven dedication to ensure the overall well-being and recovery of each client on an individual basis. The BLVD clinical team is composed of established and highly esteemed professionals. Each member of our staff brings with them their own meditation or recovery practices, wisdom, years of experience, and extensive credentials.


Located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. BLVD partners with numerous partner to provide a variety of outlets for our clients. We want to leave Portland, better than how we found it. 


Recovery Blvd provides treatment, care, and support for young adults and professionals seeking help to overcome substance abuse.  We provide a wide variety of resources for both individuals and families. 


We also work with a wide variety of treatment centers across the Pacific Northwest. If you are looking for Portland rehab services outside our offering, we can help find the right treatment programs for you or your loved one. 

  • Alcohol Rehab Portland

  • Drug Rehab Portland

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs in Portland (IOP)

  • Sober Living in Portland

  • Residential 

  • Therapy

  • Young Adults

  • Professionals

  • Native American Clients

  • LGBGTQ Clients

  • Athletes  with Substance Abuse

  • Men with children

  • Women with children

  • Family Sessions or Reunification 

  • Mental Health and Addiction, Dual Diagnosis

  • Detox

  • Opioid Addicts

  • Suboxone Maintenance

  • Probation or Court Requirements

  • And more…





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Recovery Blvd will help you overcome substance abuse, discover joy for life and love the person you truly are.

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