Precaution Measures and Protocols at Recovery Blvd and Portland Sober Living Company: 




Coronavirus Protocols at Recovery Blvd and Portland Sober Living Company:


Recovery Blvd feels we are best place for your loved one to be during this uncertain time of the impact of the Coronavirus on our population is at

Recovery Blvd. The following protocol is in place and will be until CDC , Oregon Health Authority and WHO direct the public differently.






1. All surfaces (doorknobs, fridge handles, counters, bathrooms, etc.) are wiped down with a bleach solution every 2 hours between 9 am and 5 pm

at Recovery Blvd. Sober Living will do same (wipe down schedule) and keep Clorox Wipes next to every fridge and laminated signs posted on fridge

handles to open and close with wipes.


2. Recovery Blvd is having a hand washing demonstration to show how to best soap, lather and wash for 20 seconds or more. Recovery Blvd and

PSLC bathrooms have timers in them secured to the mirror to help Clients see 20 seconds pass.


3. Appropriate soap is in every bathroom and kitchen at PSLC and Blvd.


4. All houses and Recovery Blvd have had their eating dishes for eating AND utensils removed and paper products and utensils will be used.


5. Facemasks have been purchased and a supply also kept at PSLC houses.


6. Facemasks will be worn when at center.

7. Clients will be asked to limit their excursions and store trips.

8. Required outside meeting attendance will be reduced and support groups will be held at houses to ensure Clients have support but are not out

in public.


9. Airborne packets are in basket at Recovery Blvd and PSLC.


10. Disposable gloves have been purchased and are in every kitchen. Clients are required to wear gloves when in kitchen for any reason.


11. Cooking, washing pot/pan, getting food item will all be done with gloves.


12. Clients have been advised should they not wash hands or break these rules immediate consequences will be put in place as it is a safety issue.



Visual and Audio Precautions for Coronavirus:


  • All Clients will watch the World Health Organization videos regarding precautions, facemasks, etc.​

  • Signs from the  WHO & CDC website will be posted.

  • A hand washing demonstration will be held.

  • Timers, soap and sanitizer will be in bathrooms and kitchens and signs posted.



Fever, Cough or sneezing:


Should any Client exhibit sneezing, coughing they will be asked to sleep in a single room and stay in the room until taken to

Urgent Care by a Recovery Mentor from Blvd.


Family will immediately be contacted.


Blvd has a small apartment and Mentors that can monitor sick Clients should this happen and family is not available to care take.


COMPROMISED immune system Clients:


As Recovery Blvd is able to more easily restrict activities of Clients than parents may be able to (at home) we feel that these people are still safest

with us. Should anyone exhibit symptoms or outbreak become apparent in Portland, OR families will be contacted and these Clients sent home

should parents prefer.




We, as staff, are parents and very much love and care about your person in treatment. We absolutely want to protect and do the right thing by every

Client. Because the disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, powerful and deadly…an excuse to leave treatment (Coronavirus) may be something

some Clients want to do. Please discuss this with staff and owners before agreeing to taking someone out of treatment. While this virus is scary and

we will take further action if this progresses the risk to your loved one’s life is much greater from a return to substance use.


Please communicate with staff and we will update families should things change.


Thank you,


Autumn Brown and Solara Salazar - Owners





Recovery Blvd Treatment Center


Phone: 503-897-1916

1316 SE 12th Avenue 

Portland, OR 97214

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