young adult'S program

Young adult program

Young adults are the least likely to maintain and sustain long-term sobriety. That does not have to be the reality of young adults who are addicted. At our treatment center, we have discovered that the key to helping young adults ages 18 to 30ish stay clean and sober is to create an atmosphere of fun, comradely and social acceptability to be in recovery. Our facility maintains a very fun atmosphere through treatment groups and activities specific to young adults. 

our program for young adults

We use an evidence-based curriculum, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, advanced relapse prevention with scenarios, questions and refusal skills that specifically are written for young adults. Our young adult program goes on weekly outings to play paintball, go rock climbing and visit many other places in Portland. In addition, our young adults are required to do five hours of community service a month; we help them sign up at a local place. When they go to work they do not have to continue community service but we feel young adults need to place an emphasis on education or employment. We work with our young adults to gain employment, make a budget, do laundry, get their GED, go to college or do the FASFA for college. It has been our experience that many young adults have not learned the basic life skills to be successful due to the alcohol/drug use they began at a very young age. We have mentors that take clients to meetings, teach them appropriate skills, take them to meetings and are available 24/7 to talk.

Friday nights at 6 PM there is a young adult AA meeting at Recovery Blvd that all of the young adult clients attend. It’s called Happy Hour. Creating a peer culture of “it’s cool to be clean and sober” is our goal on a daily basis and we engage the young adults in a myriad of fun activities to help them learn how to be okay without the use of alcohol or drugs. Having clients with assigned chaperones, that are living at their houses, (for the first few weeks) builds leadership and has proven to be a great way to create bonds between a successful client and the new client.


Recovery Blvd employs a talented art therapist that the clients meet with for two hours a week. Recovery Blvd has a doctor on staff that every client sees; as well as a yoga instructor who does recovery yoga each week.


Different age groups have different needs in substance abuse treatment; the young adult population requires a different set of skills. Our Counselors are Masters level clinician’s and all have an extensive background in working with youth, teenagers and young adults. 


We have staff that works at the 4th Dimension young adult sober club and our clients regularly go there after treatment to participate in dances, parties and recovery meetings.

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