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Sober Living


We’ve partnered with Portland Sober Living Company to provide high quality sober living housing for men and women. Our homes are in the beautiful upscale areas of Hawthorne and the newly developed areas of North Portland. Our sober living housing has staff onsite and was created to give BLVD clients an atmosphere of comfort and serenity to aid in the recovery process. 


If you are looking for sober living homes in Oregon look no further. 

Recovery Blvd

Sober Living Facilities in Portland, OR

Located throughout Portland, OR our sober living home facilities are in a walkable neighborhood known for their vintage shops, boutiques, and cafés.


We can provide high-quality sober living facilities to those in need. Our homes are actual homes, not just pit stops. You should expect our sober living homes to be well kept, clean, and located in safe walkable neighborhoods. You can choose to stay as long as you need before you take the next step. 

Our clean and sober housing Portland, Oregon include on-site management, all utilities,

laundry and cleaning supplies, full kitchen, BBQs, garden, individual dresser, cable, Wi-Fi, and more. 

Some of our homes feature a ping pong table, foosball table, basketball hoop and more. 

Come find the support accountability and friendships that will last a lifetime! 

Sober Living Facilities - Recovery Blvd Treatment Center in Portland, OR

At Recovery BLVD Treatment Center, you will have the option of living in Recovery Housing that is maintained and managed by our staff. This housing is set up so that even after you graduate from the Recovery BLVD addiction rehab center, you can stay in the housing as long as you choose.


Our quality, high-end sober living is made affordable so each of our Clients has the opportunity to access it should they need that living environment support. Our Men's and Women's houses are located throughout the Portland, Oregon area. 

Our quality, high end sober living is made affordable so each of our Clients has the opportunity to access it should they need that living environment support. Our Men's and Women's houses are located throughout the Portland, Oregon area.

What is sober living? 

A Sober Living Home, sometimes referred to as a halfway house, is a group housing residence for people recovering from addiction. Typically, people who live in a sober home follow certain house rules and maintain a sense of community. Residents must stay sober throughout their stay and working together PSLC and Recovery Blvd empower the Client's sobriety!

Why is sober living important ? 

Sober living homes improve your chances of staying sober. These homes provide additional structure and support during one's recovery. Additionally, sober living homes help to replicate normal, everyday life situations while instilling healthy habits and reduce the chance of relapse.


Sober Living has several benefits including: 


  • Finding a supportive community 

  • Help finding employment

  • Locating housing after treatment 

  • Increases accountability 


Additionally, sober living homes will help you create an aftercare plan and helps you to safely

identify triggers that may lead to a relapse. It also provides healthy life skills and provides resources to help you transition to the working world. 

Who should utilize sober living? 

Anyone looking for a support system during their recovery process should consider sober living. Typical times people utilize sober living housing is when they are in the first 2 years of sobriety, attending treatment, transition from a residential facility, seeking treatment, or looking for a structured environment to aid in their recovery process. 


Men’s Sober Living in Portland


We have several sober housing options available for men. Our men’s sober living facilities feature game rooms, ping pong tables, and other fun activities for our residents. All of our men’s facilities are located near major public transit routes and easy to get to. 


Women’s Sober Living in Portland


Our women’s sober housing is family friendly and are in upscale neighborhoods around the Portland, Oregon area. Our sober living homes are some of the nicest in Portland and will make your stay comfortable.

White Grass


Recovery Blvd will help you overcome substance abuse, discover joy for life and love the person you truly are.

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