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lgbtq+ program

LGBTQ Substance Abuse Treatment

One of Oregon's top LGBTQ+ programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Our highly trained counselors will conduct one-on-one and group sessions specifically designed with people who identify as LGBTQ+ using evidence based curriculum. 

LGBTQ affirmative therapy

Therapists will address the different oppressions each client has experienced. LGBTQ affirmative therapy addresses traumas and the impact on self-worth. This therapy will incorporate validation and celebrate the special gifts of each individual. BLVD encourages participation in LGBTQ meetings, community involvement, and Portland Pride Week

The simple truth is that in our culture, men are still expected to fall in love with women, women are still expected to fall in love with men, and together, they are still expected to marry, reproduce and inculcate their children with similar beliefs and expectations. 

Whenever a person feels or desires something outside that cultural norm, life becomes more difficult. Even when people who are different are raised intolerant homes, surrounded by supportive others, the overarching expectations of society are readily apparent from birth onward.

These individuals know, deep in their hearts and usually rather early in life, that who they are and/or what they want in a partner is regarded by many as abnormal and/or unacceptable. Hence: the extra layers of trauma and shame that many LGBTQ people carry. Is it any wonder that LGBTQ individuals have much higher than normal rates of both substance abuse and suicidal ideation behaviors? 

AT BLVD, we create an affirmative setting - provide LGBTQ-friendly reading material, literature, and resources; include affirming language paperwork; and use the client's preferred name and pronoun. 

We don't resort to heteronormative assumptions, instead ask about a client's beliefs and what a romantic relationship means to the Client's beliefs, and what a romantic relationship means to the client.

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