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We were in the News!

Portland, OR the City of Roses is known for its trendy microbrews, hipster scene, and stunning views of Mt. Hood. The city is booming, with over 40,000 people moving to the city each year. It’s home to the sportswear giant Nike and is an increasingly popular tourist destination.

Unbeknownst to most, Portland, OR is also home to one the top Intensive Outpatient Programs for young adults in the entire nation. That program is BLVD Treatment Center. Located in the trendy area of South East Portland, BLVD Treatment Center offers an incredible service for young adults from around the nation. Widely known for its eclectic, unique and comfortable facilities BLVD Treatment Center is an embodiment of the charm that makes Portland great. They just happen to be changing lives at the same time.

“I came here broken and a failure. I hated myself. I left confident, healthy, and sober. I still stay in touch with my counselors and they are there for me during tough times” said a former client

In addition to offering a variety of recovery based services BLVD Treatment Centers also partners to help provide sober living facilities for women. is an incredibly underserved market and BLVD is one of the few companies striving to make a difference.

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