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Recovery as A Professional From Substance Abuse

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Recovery as a Working Professional

In the world of professional occupations, workers are expected to perform at high levels. The strain that it brings such as psychological, philosophical, emotional and physical, separates them from other occupations.

Doctors or Physicians often work very long hours. American Residents often take shifts of up to 28 hours at a time and spends up to 80 hours per week in a hospital. More than that, they often assume the responsibility of their patients' lives. Another example is that of a Lawyer. Their workloads aren't any easier and they also bear the weight of their clients' futures. And so the list goes on.

Coping by Use of Substance

It's not a surprise that due to the strain of very high expectations and work-related stress, alcohol and drug abuse in working professional is commonly used as a coping method amongst healthcare professionals. This is very well documented. The higher the stress level, the larger the temptation to self-medicate and relieve the resultant emotional burden.

Many of these professionals believe that their coping mechanism of substance abuse can be easily minimized and they can continue living their lives normally despite the growing and continued use.

The root issue? These professionals do not see the problem and thereby does not get proper help. The potential for disaster is glaringly obvious.

The Best Substitute for Substance Addiction

If you work in a stressful or demanding environment, always look for other methods in reducing stress far from drugs. If your workday is more than 10 hours, it is best to take regular breaks. Consider it as a very important self-directed intervention. Studies show that taking breaks increases the level of performance rather than decreasing it.

Eventually, you can also throw in a meditation practice at some time. Embracing gratitude on a daily basis is another method and is highly recommended by the Forbes Coaches Council. Practicing this every day, every morning before taking on that first task. Have a list or name even just three of the things that you're grateful for and then take a deep breath, ready to face the challenges of the day.

Another important tool is exercise. Any form serves as a huge stress reliever. This activity boosts endorphins and improves the effectiveness of your immune system. You may also try checking your company if they offer yoga programs as a lot of them do in support of the employee's mental health.

A lot of these methods are important coping skills used in recovery from addiction and substance abuse disorders – to reduce stress in order to lessen or avoid any relapse.

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