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One Year Sober

Reflections on turning 365 days sober

Celebrating 365 days of sobriety off from alcohol is a big deal, a really big deal, and to say this is a spectacular feat is an understatement. Its a long journey that one should never take for granted. Experts will tell you that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but 365 days of doing something different is a change in lifestyle.

Being sober for a year will not only improve relationships, but also your finances, body and mind. Having rough times and ups and downs is part of the road you have to take, and everybody has those no matter what. But overcoming an addiction will always lead to great sobriety experiences, like waking up everyday and being excited about the day, being happy, not craving any alcohol, and being more productive in general.

Achieving a state of positive sobriety is something all of us can do. Knowing who to go to if you need to, and having a support group is vital for the process, having a plan or a system can also bring peace of mind and mental health. Being aware if you’re replacing addictions and knowing how to deal with that is important, a lot of people stop drinking and turn to something else. But you don’t want to jump from alcoholism to a cigarette addiction for example, dealing with your cravings and being able to manage that successfully brings peace and happiness into your life.

A year sober takes a lot of work and effort, but the benefits are many. Gratitude, positivity, new hobbies, new friends, are only a few of them. Meeting new people who uplift and inspire you on your path and learning to put yourself and your needs first is important.

Our team at BLVD Treatment Center is here for you, to help and guide you through this process. Our biggest goal is for you to upgrade and change your life, so lets kick start that change in 2019, and work together for a happy,

fulfilling and sober life.

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