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Owners and Founders

Owners and Founders of Recovery Blvd

Solara Salazar MS, CADCII
Autumn Brown MS, CADCIII
We all know that young adults can be more difficult to reason with or use traditional therapy motivators with than older substance abuse Clients at times. Add to that they are newly sober or substances are involved it can be even more challenging. Our Management Team and Clinical Team is made up of people who are the best in the industry at reaching young people and speaking to their values, direction and motivators. Young people often have a larger than life belief system and the gravity of substance use is not readily available in their peer group for them to latch on to. Recovery Blvd employs people who through skilled counseling modalities, charisma, personal investment, esteem building  and inspiration are able to reach people at their lowest point. Recovery Blvd is the center where you or your loved one will be a part of a healthy, recovery community. Our young adults stay sober over a year after graduation at a rate 3 times higher than the national average. These are the people who make it happen!

Recovery Blvd Leadership Team


Dr. Phyllis Hursey BSW, MD

Medical Director


   Marcy Kokinda CADC II, QMHA

Clinical Director

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Sean Pebler BA

Program Administrator


Robert "Rob" Crippen MS, CADC II, QMHP

Director of Operations & Outreach


Martin Camacho CRM, NASM-PES

Director of Outreach and

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Dr. Cydney Heims MD, Addictionologist
Director of Addiction Medicine

Recovery Blvd Clinical Team

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Patrick Clare CADCr

Primary Counselor


Arturo Rojos CADC II
Primary Counselor


   Marcy Kokinda CADC II, QMHA
Clinical Director and Primary Women's Counselor


Jesse James LCSW, CADCII

Primary Counselor
Family and RelastionshipTherapist

Peer Support Specialist
Certified Recovery Mentor

Treve Ensley CRM


Sarah Boomhower LCSW

Primary Counselor 
Mental Health Therapist
Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 1.17.16 AM.png

Jeremy Bixler

Rock to Recovery

Every Thursday for two hours

Music Therapy

Jeremy “Jermz” Bixler has been playing music his entire life. With a penchant to merge music and mindfulness, Jeremy believes that when combined, the two create a remarkable formula to elevate the spirit and consciousness, process cognitive dissonance, and heal from within.

Since high school, Jeremy has started and fronted many musical acts, from ska to surf-rock and power-pop to metal, and recorded numerous albums. 

Clearly Jeremy believes in second chances. His catawampus sojourn through addiction began when he was 21, while attending Pepperdine University, where he was Radio Programming Director. He quickly found that a predisposition to depression and no ability to moderate his drinking were a life-numbing combination. This road led to jails and institutions, including a treatment facility in Michigan followed by a short residency at a meditation center in 2015. He has been sober ever since. 

Currently, Jeremy lives the punk rock dream in Portland, Oregon as singer/songwriter/guitar slayer for the band Undude. Undude is at the forefront of the mindful grunge movement in Portland. Jeremy’s persistence and passion for helping others using the power of music led him to Rock to Recovery. He is the flagship program administrator for the Pacific Northwest, providing Rock to Recovery’s brand of music therapy in Vancouver, Portland and Salem. 

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Facilitated by Tribally enrolled  Native American staff of Painted horse Recovery.
Red Road Recovery Groups
Gender specific or Gender Identity Preference Groups facilitated every Friday teaching Clients about Native America an Culture, traditions, spirituality and ceremony. 

Portland Sober Living Company:
Our clients live in sober homes centrally located throughout Portland, Oregon. PSLC is owned by Recovery Blvd Owner, Autumn Brown, and works hand in hand with Blvd to give our clients the most integrative, consistent and quality experience as possible. 

 PSLC Management Team

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 2.25.56 PM.png

Zarah Ulstead

Manager at Lighthouse


Elijah  Fritz-Rafael

Assistant Manager Fox Power House


Keith Higginson

Manager at Hamilton House


Ivan Camacho


Treve Ensley

Travis Knutson

Manager at Woodstock House

Manager at Washington St. House

Assistant Manager at Hamilton


Max Hansen

Francis Klein

Assistant Manager at
Washington St. House

Assistant Manager
at Woodstock House

Noa Vreekner

Manager at
Fox Power House

It is the mission of Portland Sober Living Company top provide  high quality, affordable, supportive sober housing to anyone seeking a healthy environment to start their recovery journey.


Recovery Blvd will help you overcome substance abuse, discover joy for life and love the person you truly are.

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