Autumn Brown MS, CADCIII

Owner, Director of Business and Marketing

Autumn has worked in the addiction, mental health treatment field for the past 12 years. She has a passion for helping people find their purpose and break free from substance use.  Autumn has a Masters Degree in Business and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III Masters Level.


In addition to owning Recovery BLVD, Autumn is also the owner of Portland Sober Living Company which specializes in high quality sober housing. Portland Sober Living collaborates with Recovery BLVD to assure clients have mentorship and support which will help propel them into the recovery community. PSLC was not on Autumn's radar as a business but after months of struggling to place women in sober housing she decided to just open one house herself. "I could not believe what a shortage of structured, quality sober living for women we had here in the Portland, OR area. I was so frustrated I decided to just do it myself." Since that time the organization has grown quickly. I am not the person who created this housing organization alone. I have some of the BEST managers that anyone could hope for. Their dedication to their houses and helping people who are just starting of the journey of recovery has been a pillar of our success. On a daily basis I am filled with gratitude that I have been fortunate to have such ethical, responsible, motivated employees."

Autumn has a 17 year old daughter and loves working with young adults. Autumn coaches the Recovery Blvd Softball team and they are known to clean up on the competition. As a strong advocate of bringing up the next generation of leaders in the addiction advocacy community Autumn has empowered and sponsored Recovery Blvd alumni who have become Certified Recovery Mentors and are working in the field. 


Solara Salazar, MS, CADCII

Owner & Executive Director

Solara Paschal moved to Portland, OR from California in 2006 where she worked as a martial arts instructor. Since then she has dedicated her life to helping those who suffer from the disease of addiction.


She started her career working in DUII treatment, and then moved on to work in residential treatment, medication assisted treatment, and drug court. She is passionate about helping addicts and alcoholics and truly believes that everyone is capable of change as long as they have the tools and support needed to build a strong foundation in recovery.


Her goal is to help every client who walks through the door achieve sobriety and lead a happy, healthy, and successful life.


In her free time Solara performs as a fire dancer, and loves spending time with friends and family. Her education includes an Associate’s Degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, and a Master’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. Solara also maintains her certification of CADC II as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.


Ivana Jungic, AAS, PRC, CADCI

Director of Clinical Outreach & Admissions 

Born in former Yugoslavia, Ivana came to the United States as a refugee of the Yugoslav Wars.  As a child of war, Ivana experienced first-hand the horrors of war, childhood trauma and PTSD. Ivana’s personal experiences have imbued a rare level of compassion and understanding. She recognizes the importance of treating not only the symptoms of addiction, but simultaneously providing supportive strategies that factor in the whole person, as a unique individual; including life experiences, family background and any related trauma or  personal setbacks.

Ivana is fluent in four languages. She holds an Associates Degree and is a licensed CADC1, CRM, and PRC. She is passionate about work, health & fitness, and helping others train.


Her passion for helping people and her own personal journey of addiction and recovery brought her to work in the treatment field. Ivana completed the Alcohol and Drug counseling program through Portland Community College while working at The 4thDimension Recovery Center mentoring young women in recovery.


While working as a CADC at Blvd Treatment Center Ivana was given the opportunity to become the Outreach and Admissions representative. Today Ivana networks and build relationships with other amazing providers. She absolutely loves and enjoys everything about her career today.

Autumn Morgan

Executive Adminstrator

Autumn Morgan is a strong, young advocate for men and women in recovery. Autumn brings a large variety of skills and organizational talents to the Recovery Blvd team. Autumn posses a kind and caring heart for those who struggle and is a key member of keeping the Management Team flowing and functional.

Autumn loves to work out and does Orange Theory. As well Autumn serves on numerous recovery committees in the Portland area. Autumn is a full time college student and recently got two Bengal kittens who keep her on her toes!


Joseph  "Joey" Chow

Counselor and Quality Inspection

Joseph comes to Recovery Blvd with a vast amount of knowledge and insight into strong clinical processes, the Joint Commission and  Technical skills that make him a huge asset to Recovery Blvd. Joseph also is an insightful Counselor and able to counsel Clients on a strong, long term recovery program through planning and learning skills. As an active member in recovery groups Portland, Oregon Joseph uses his sobriety to teach and inspire others.

With a special understanding of loss and grief as an young adult Joseph is  professionally skilled in trauma and loss.Many young adults have sustained losses that have left them hurting and grieving but manifesting this through defiance and substance use. Joey is a steady, calming presences to Clients and able to help bridge the pain of the past into a promising future through his therapies. 


Dr. Phyllis Hursey BSW, MD, FAAFP

Medical Director

Dr. Phyllis D. Hursey has  been as a physician for more than 25 years. She began her career in family medicine and worked with a wide range of patients from pre-natal and infancy to geriatric. As the years went by Dr. Hursey discovered that she had a passion for both addiction and pain management, and she began to seek additional education in those specific fields.

Dr. Hursey believes treatment for addiction should always be individualized and there is no “one size fits all” approach. Addiction treatment is both multi-disciplinary and multi-factorial. Often times addiction is caused by an undiagnosed or untreated psychological cause which needs to be addressed in order for the patient to be successful. Dr. Hursey believes in a wholistic approach, meaning that along with medication, patients need to learn new coping mechanisms to help them deal with life stresses, and that with these tools, her patients can learn to live a balanced and productive life. She believes in second chances for everyone and understands that there may be set-backs along the road to success, and it’s the job of the interdisciplinary team to support and encourage each patient to examine their life and make the necessary changes to achieve their goals. Dr. Hursey is well known for both her knowledge of addiction treatment and her compassionate and down to earth approach with her patients.

Dr. Hursey received her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, majoring in Social Work. She then went on Howard University College of Medicine to receive her Doctorate in medicine in 1989 and completed her residency in Family Medicine in 1992.

In her free time she enjoys playing with her dogs Phoebe and Ruby, traveling, fishing, and singing.


Anthony Velasquez AGS, CADCI

Primary Counselor

Speciality :

Native American Counseling


Medicine Wheel

Red Road

Drumming and Ceremony

Culturally Specific Intervention and Counseling

Anthony was born in San Leandro, CA and was raised in Portland, OR by his mother and grandmother. Anthony was affected by addiction from the time he was a child and his experiences with family systems and recovery led him to look at life through a new lens. Since then he has been on a personal life journey which led him to his passion, working as a substance abuse counselor in the addiction treatment field.

Anthony believes that when people suffer from substance use disorder, it can manifest in a multitude of ways in their day to day lives. His aim is to walk the treatment journey alongside patients with empathy, compassion, and support towards every individual’s self-exploration.

Anthony ascribes to methodologies such as Trauma Informed Care, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a working knowledge of twelve-step programs.  His vision is to provide tools and strategies to patients, so that they can maintain a life without mind altering chemicals and become their authentic self.

Anthony’s educational background consists of extensive studies of addiction: Multicultural Counseling, Alcohol Use and Addiction, Motivational Interviewing, and Multiple Diagnoses to name a few. He graduated Portland Community College with an associate degree in General Studies, and a certificate of Alcohol & Drug Counselor.

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Dalton Williams BA, CADCII

Clinical Director

Dalton comes with over 4 years of experience working in the drug and alcohol treatment field, after battling alcoholism for many years Dalton is able to inspire and lead others through his intuitive skills and deep understanding of how to reach Clients lost in the disease of addiction.


As Recovery Blvd's Clinical Director , Dalton enjoys the opportunity to inspire both hope and strength within each individual he works with. Dalton coaches the Clinical Staff, families and clients on how to best handle the insidious effects of addiction. Dalton comes with a strong connection to how to reach families and Clients who suffer from mental health and addiction and is an advocate of the dually diagnosis.


Dalton  received his Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University of New Orleans in 2011. Originally hailing from San Diego, CA, Dalton moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. In his spare time, Dalton enjoys hiking, playing music at one of Portland’s open mic nights, going to concerts and spending time with his cats, Fozzie and Kermit. 


Robert "Rob" Crippen MS, CADCII

Director of Operations and Outreach at PSLC


Sober Housing

Mentoring and Coaching


Family Reunification

Young Adult Activities

Robert Crippen is the Director of Operations and Outreach for PSLC  and liaison to Blvd. Rob comes to us with a CADCII and a Master’s degree.  Rob also has 15 years’ experience in Portland, Oregon's largest detox facility Rob is a custom to the difficulties of early recovery. As well Rob is connected to multiple recovery agencies and referrals if you need detox, prescriptions, food, clothing, therapy, groups, mentors or just a recovery meeting. Rob is a single Father to a son, Jesse, and is skilled in the areas of living and case management that people in early recovery need. Rob uses a female management member when dealing with the needs of our women's home, THE LIGHTHOUSE. Rob brings a humorous, upbeat attitude to the team of both Blvd and Portland Sober Living Co. As the lead on all intakes, general operations, community outreach; Rob wears several hats for PSLC and Blvd. Rob leads the 10 Managers and 5 houses through motivational interviewing, life skills and recovery group- engagement.

Rob has over 15 years of sobriety and practices recovery on a daily basis. Rob has a passion for helping others find a firm footing in sobriety and a passion for living a substance free life. 

Rob can be found riding his motorcycle or out with his son in his free time. Rob has been a part of the Recovery Softball League, multiple recovery group committees and step study groups. Rob enjoys the PNW outdoors, hikes, activities and spending time with loved ones.

Chelsea Hawes CADCI, CRM

Primary Counselor


Young Adult Parenting

Young Women Self Esteem and Empowerment

Trauma Informed Therapy

Crisis Intervention and De-escalation

Families and impact of addiction

Chelsea is a Certified Addiction Counselor and has a talent for reaching young women who have lost their way. Chelsea is a strong believer in positive, esteem building through goals, positive reinforcement and redefining what it means for women to be happy and love themselves FIRST. Dealing with Codependency and unhealthy relationship patterns is something that Chelsea is skilled at and her Clients quickly create a strong therapeutic bond with her. 

At 29 years old Chelsea has the wisdom and grace of a seasoned professional but her female Clients feel connected, safe and inspired by her. 

Chelsea has worked with Young men and women involved in the Department of Human Services Custody Process and helped them access treatment. Chelsea also is experienced in young adult Medication assisted treatment and how to best use this tool to empower recovery.

Chelsea is married and has 2 young boys who keep her on her toes. Chelsea participates in numerous young people events in recovery and is an inspiration to all of us and our Clients. 


Nathaniel Thomas, CRM

Certified Recovery Mentor

Peer Support Specialist

House Manager at Hamilton

"I work as a mentor at Recovery Blvd because this is where I started my journey to recovery and now I have
the opportunity to give back and save lives. As a mentor I get to challenge people and push them to become the best person they can possibly be.
Also, I'm someone who is always there for them and willing to listen to any and all ideas.

It is important for treatment and sober living and strong support group because if you’re fully ready to
surrender, you will go to any length to get uncomfortable and start to face your fears so you can
finally feel okay in your own skin. So all addicts can go onto be successful and live up to their potential and be
productive member of society.


I am passionate about helping people in early recovery because to show them there are people who
support and believe in them until they can believe in themselves. Also, I was once hopeless but broke
the chains of addiction and know anybody can change with the right guidance.

 In my free time, I enjoy reaching out and getting involved in service which includes always answering
the phone, attending meetings and events like conventions or retreats and last always."

Nate is a leader of the young men at Recovery Blvd and a asset to the organization!


Maddie Shepherd, CRM

Certified Recovery Mentor

Peer Support Specialist

I work as a Mentor at Recovery BLVD because I went to treatment here and found my home, family and calling. I graduated the treatment center, managed multiple Women’s houses with Portland Sober Living Company, and ultimately came full-circle and became a Mentor at Recovery Blvd.

As a mentor I get to watch people grow and learn to love themselves. I get to see the light return and be apart of people’s journey.

I’m passionate about helping people in early recovery because I was young and broken at one point. I know what it’s like to get clean and sober and want to dedicate the rest of my life to helping others get to the other side.

It’s important for people to have a strong recovery foundation that includes: Treatment, Sober Living and community support groups in order to maintain long-term sobriety, stability and happiness.

What is Portland Sober Living Company?

PSLC is a housing company that accepts men and women of Recovery Blvd and other programs. It is owned by the same owner of Recovery Blvd and is incorporated in all Blvd events and activities. Our housing was designed this way so that all people can have the advice and support of alumni, program graduates and other members with 6, 7, 9, 18 months sober in their house. Having members with sobriety time and longer recovery supports all members in  having strong built in support and a liaison into the world of recovery. Many of our housing members stay connected and help in mentoring or sponsoring our men and women. Members are excellent at helping with employment referrals, sponsorship and general resources often unknown to those in early recovery.

Please look us up:

Recovery Blvd Treatment Center


Phone: 503-897-1916

1316 SE 12th Avenue 

Portland, OR 97214

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